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Excursions in Alta Badia, Dolomites

“The desire to live, breath-taking landscapes, flowery fields, silvery torrents and a variety of adventures and experiences.”

An incomparable joy and internal satisfaction are only two of the many sensations that the excursions offer, besides being good for your health.

It’s a way to find internal happiness in the midst of extraordinary and uncontaminated nature.

Our region, with an infinite number of carefully prepared itineraries and trails across the natural parks of "Fanes - Sennes - Braies" and "Puez Odle", is the perfect place to spend a vacation right in the middle of nature, and where anyone can realize their personal dream.

Choose your favorite excursion:

La Valle – Armentara – Santa Croce

A stupendous excursion from La Valle through the fields of Armentara to the Ospizio di S. Croce.  

The route begins at La Valle, arriving at the mountain barn "La Cialciara", reachable also by car. From there begins the path that takes you to the Armentara plateau. After only about 20 minutes you will come upon a stupendous view, both for the surrounding mountains and for the fields. The route continues, across level ground, then slightly uphill towards S. Croce. To your left you will be accompanied by the impetuous constellation of Cima Nove, Cima Dieci and Sasso Croce. You will be surprised at the magnificent panorama on your right, and will be able to see the Val Badia in its entirety, from the Putia to the Sassonghere and the Gruppo del Sella. Along the way you will see how the fauna and flora adapt to the altitude. After hours of travel the goal is reached. Above the forest are the S. Croce chapel and the small antique refuge, resting at the foot of the majestic Sasso Croce.

Journey duration: 2 - 3 hours
Gradient: 700 m
Refuges: Kreuzmessnerhütte (S. Croce) and Ranch (Armentara)

The second variation of the S. Croce itineraries presents itself as a pleasant excursion, wrapped in blooming alpine roses and surrounding woods.

From La Valle you can go both by car and by foot to the Villa Coz. From there, a cured course leads to the Armentara plateau and then reaches S. Croce. A magnificent path will take you from the foot of the Sasso Croce along the snow caves to the Val di Fanes, to conclude the excursion once again at the Villa Coz.

A pretentious climb at an altitude of 3023 m.: Cima Dieci

The itinerary starts at the S. Croce refuge taking you to the Cima S. Croce (altitude of 2908 m.), at times along paths across the stupendous mountain landscape, while at times along vie ferrate (trails equipped with handrails and steps, in order to facilitate passing). From there, in an hour, you can reach Cima Dieci (climbing equipment is recommended).

Journey duration: 3-4 hours
Gradient: 1020 m

Tour of Le Villes

La Valle offers a pleasant walk though Le Villes, the center of the town of long ago and the little church of S. Barbara.

The little church of S. Barbara, the monument defended by the Vidum, the ruins of the old town, the Villes di Rü, Biei, Ciampei and Runch, with its court dating back to the 16th century, are the most noted of the attractions offered by the route, which will present itself as an ensemble of history, art and tradition.

The masi (typical mountain farmhouses) "Lüch de Survisc" and "Lüch de Ciablun" will render the day harmonious, serving typical local dishes, prepared according to Ladin art.

Journey duration: nearly 3 hours
Gradient: 300 m

Tour of the Putia

The journey is suitable for all mountain lovers, making a fascinating day of the tour. Crowning the trip is the possibility to take on the summit of the Putia.

The Passo delle Erbe, departure point, allows the foreseeing of the beauty of the route, presenting itself in the entirety of its splendor.

After a slight climb, you reach the Munt de Fornela, from which a glimpse of the mount Putia can already be caught, able to change aspect, manifesting a thousand forms kilometer by kilometer.

Climbing the Dolomite plateau for around an hour and a half, you reach the Passo del Putia.

After a short regenerating break the descent begins along the sunny fields of the Putia, arriving at the Valacia chalet, then a slight climb to Passo Göma. Along the slopes of the Putia, you reach the Göma chalet, not far from the Munt de Fornela, from which a pleasant walk takes you back to Passo delle Erbe.

It is also possible from Passo del Putia to take on the summit, a brief by steep incline. A pretentious climb will allow you to reach the summit at an altitude of 2,875 meters (a 518 meter difference from the pass). Once at the peak, the effort will be rewarded by a magnificent panorama: from the Großglockner, to the highest peaks of the Alps and Dolomites.

Departure: altitude of 2008 meters
Duration: 4-5 hours
Gradient without climbing to the summit: 397 mt.
Distance: 12,5 km

Excursions at mounts Rît (Crusc da Rît) and Pares

The mounts of Rît and Pares give a spectacular view of the monumental valleys of Marebbe and of La Val. Both are easily reached through the idyllic fields of the Rît. The excursion is characterized by the romantic landscape and the whole of the area.

The excursion starts out from La Val, through the Cians and Biei masi (typical mountain farmhouses), to then reach the "lech da Rît" on the path marked number 6. The itinerary proceeds along path 13/15 to the crossing of mount Rît, passing the woods, able to offer, though its silence, full contact with nature. From the cross, through the fields of Rît, you can climb to the peak of the Pares on path 15/B.

The descent begins on path 15/B, to then joins path 15 for Ciurnadú. From Ciurnadú, the route leads to the Villes di Tolpei e Dlijia Vedla and on to the noted little church of S. Barbara. A path, created as a path of meditation, takes you back from the little church to the center of to the town of La Val.

Gradient to mount Rît: 670 m
Gradient between mount Rît and the peak of Pares: 280 m
Duration: 2,5 - 3 hours (+ 1 hour to the peak of Pares)

Excursions along the tracks of the First World War

During the First World War, the Dolomites were scenes of violent battles among Austrian-Hungarian and Italian armies.

In May of 1915 the kingdom of Italy declared war on the Austrian-Hungarian empire. As a consequence, Austrian armies were defined along the confines of the Dolomites with the intention of stopping the advance of the Italian army, controlled by the command at the Cinque Torri.

Both sides constructed paths across the mountains; tunnels, climbs, to reach the emplacements along the peaks.

Thanks to the international collaboration and community financing, it was possible to restore the war emplacements and create museums, unique to their kind, on and inside mount Lagazuoi, at the Cinque Torri, and the war museum in the Tre Sassi fort at the Valparola pass.

These days you can visit the war emplacements along the front across well-prepared and signaled routes, passing back over the First World War scenes from peak to peak across wartime climbs and paths.

The sites offer the possibility of embarking upon excursions of every level, from walks along easy itineraries, to alpine climbs for the experts, from one hour excursions, to the itineraries taking up an entire day.

Among the diverse routes are other interesting road signs, which describe the war happenings in the indicated places.