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Traditional, Mediterranean, Ladin: gourmet


The morning, upon awakening, you can get carried away with a rich buffet offering all the energy needed to properly start the day.


To love and enjoy nature: our enthusiastic team of chefs understand how to value the quality and variety of alpine products, presenting them to our guests in a creative and pleasing way.

A buffet of fresh and revitalizing vegetables starts off the supper. Starters, pastas, risottos, pastries and soups one after the other, are offered each day to our guests as the first course of our varied and ever-new menu choices.

The second course is made of refined dishes prepared with passion. And to complete a supper fit for our guests, we couldn’t skip dessert, presented as an imaginative creation of temptations. To render the supper harmonious, we trust our vast wine selection, chosen carefully from various regions and nations.

And to aid digestion, we offer a fine selection of grappas and liquors. If special menus are not provided, each day we offer the salad buffet and 3 different 3-course menus.


Our team of chefs originally thought of the aperitif buffet for weddings and important events. Later the chefs integrated it into our guest menu, constantly spoiled by the special delicacies presented with amazing creativity to the buffet in the hotel’s garden or in the lunch room. Accompanied by fresh beverages, the chef’s buffet starts off the supper in the best way.

Special attention is given to the cuisine.

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Ladin Supper

Our “Ladin Supper” offers a top quality choice of the voluptuous special Ladin culinaries. The opening buffet appears as an ensemble of typical specialties, able to seduce the senses of the most demanding lover of typical traditional cuisine.

The climax comes with the next delicious menu, which concludes with “amore caldo” (“warm love”), vanilla ice cream drenched with warm raspberries.

Katherina and Veronika work as a duo to liven up the evening teaching traditional Ladin melodies.


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Mixed grill

To live out a truly Ladin excursion.

In the natural park, through woods and pastures, to the foot of “Sasso Croce.” The most beautiful excursion that La Valle could offer, taking you to the Santa Croce refuge, a must-see for any mountain lover, surprising you by the impetuousness of the adjacent mountains and by the marvel of the landscape.

In the middle of Armentara’s pastures is a meeting point in our mountain chalet, where you can enjoy a mixed grill dinner and rest under a limpid sky, surrounded by a fairy-tale landscape, watched-over by rocky giants.