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Mountain bike in the country of the "Pale Mountains"

The unique and particular landscape of the Dolomites offers cyclists multiple paths – both easy and pretentious. Mountain bike trips in the Dolomites are a unique experience, each trip is a new challenge. Our hotel will handle rewarding the exertion of the trips with the maximum relaxation and rest. Our experts have created a map containing the 10 best mountain bike courses, allowing you therefore to choose the most suitable course and to best prepare yourself.

Our recommended courses:

Tour across the masi (typical mountain farmhouses):
easy tour across La Valle’s historical masi (typical mountain farmhouses).

Distance: 11 km, gradient: 466 m
Armentara’s flowered fields
Distance: 15 km, gradient: 598 m

Tour of Aiarei: easy level
Distance: 22 km, gradient: 786 m

Tour across the valley of Longiarú: medium-easy trip
Distance: 32 km, gradient: 1291 m
Distance: 30 km, gradient: 1152 m

Mount Rît: Tour of medium difficulty with a challenging stretch
Distance: 27 km, gradient: 1247 m

Tour of Pralongiá: medium difficulty characterized by a spectacular panorama
Distance: 45 km, gradient: 1434 m

Störes - Piz La Ila: Difficult trip for trained cyclists
Distance: 47 km, gradient: 1893 m

Tour of Fanes: Difficult but fascinating excursions in the Fanes - Sennes - Braies natural park
Distance: 53 km, gradient: 1786 m

Genoa Refuge: Difficult tour with the Genoa Refuge as its destination
Distance: 44 km, gradient: 2124 m